Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big News at 260!!!

Today marked the day that Mom starts weaning herself from her back brace!!! Neither of us can believe that the time has flown by so quickly....I am sure having absolutely no set backs helped with the time flying like it has. Even though she is coming out of the brace Mom still has a lot of healing to do....but you wouldn't know it to see her, to talk to her or to see her move about!!!

Mom is back to being completely independent except for maybe picking up something that weighs a bit much. She is shopping, sewing, socializing, reading, cleaning, being the oh so awesome Laundry Fairy, cooking and even partying with us young ones!!! It will still be several months before she will be able to swing a tennis racquet but that too will be here before we both know it!!!

The other big news here at 260 belongs to me (one awesome daughter). One week ago today I was named Interim Executive Director over the VistaCare Athens site and the Lawrenceville site (which happens to be our sister site), on top of that I am also still performing my nurse manager duties. At this point I am thanking the good Lord above for my super organization the great team of folks that I have working under me. There is a lot of "cleaning" up to do behind our former Executive Director and it won't happen over night but I am determined to turn things around even if the position is "interim". It is not my intention to become the permanent ED as in my 4+ years with VistaCare I have seen 3 different directors get thrown out on their heads and 1 who left on their on accord. It seems to be quite the expendable position and I don't want to take the chance of being a notch on their bedpost. Of course, these thoughts may change as anything is possible. I do absolutely LOVE my nurse manager position and feel very affective in the position. So, for now I will do my best to wear many hats and just hope for the best outcome for the company, my employees and myself.

Hope that everyone out there is doing well. I apologize for the lack of posts but with Mom doing so awesome I didn't feel it was necessary to repeat myself just to post a blog!!!

And yes, we here at 260 are looking forward to Georgia Football and a great party or two as last season Mom just wasn't up for the partying, for some reason I think this football season is going to be very different!!!

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