Friday, July 31, 2009

MJ reporting in

I decided that it was time I made a post on the blog. I am doing great and feel very fortunate that I have not had any problems. (The hemoglobin is up to 11.0 now). Energy level is up and I get antsy quite often. Thank goodness for my sewing projects and tennis tournaments on TV. (I still follow Andy Roddick who gave Roger F the match of the season at Wimbledon). Am also keeping up with John Isner a former GA player.

I am extremely proud of "Awesome Daughter" with her new responsibilities at VistaCare. She seems to be doing well and not too terribly stressed....but I still want her to get back to her tennis.

Today was another milestone...went to grocery without the brace. It was the first time I have driven without the brace and it felt weird but I did fine. Hope to be able to start some exercises once I get out of the brace completely. ( Am weaning off the brace day to was 3 hrs in and 3 hrs out and it progresses every day.) Tennis is a long way off so I'll have to be content with being a cheerleader when the team starts league play in Sept.

Many thanks to all the folks that have called , brought me books to read and most of all the prayers and wishes for a good recovery.

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