Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good morning, everyone!!
I've tried to get on the blog site to no avail, had to get Leslie to do it for me. She says I'm technically challenged.
Visit to Dr. was pleasant and surprising....I can go back to tennis after Oct. 3 which is the 4 month mark!!!! Plan to start with foam balls at first as that will put less stress and pull on the back muscles. I had to promise to take it slowly and I will as I have no desire to "undo" anything. It has been a long time since I've been able to play tennis without leg pain so I will behave myself. The bone stimulator is a thing of the past, too. I was under the impression that using the bone stimulator would go on for several more months. See Dr. Walpert again in 6 months but she is very optimistic that all will continue to do well.
Awesome daughter is still waiting for the decision on the new ED at VistaCare. Regional VP had told her that he wanted to make his decision by Monday or Tuesday. No word yesterday so maybe she'll find out today. She has handled this well with only a few nights of dreams, etc about the situation.
I will make a few more posts to let everyone know how the tennis goes. Fall league play is at half way mark so I will not attempt that this season. If all goes well I may try a senior match or two later this season but more than likely I won't play matches until Jan. season.
Again, thanks to everyone for their prayers and good wishes for my recovery.

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