Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good morning to all. I thought it was time to report in as it has been a long time.
I am now brace free and have been doing exercises 3 times/week to rebuild muscle strength in my back. Haven't been sent to Physical therapy yet and don't know for sure that I will be.
Am doing all the "stuff" that I want to except lifting heavy stuff and playing tennis.
It was great that my recovery has coincided with the big tennis tournaments and I was able to get a daily dose of tennis. Now I will have to be content withh "cheerleading" for my league team.
I see Dr. Walpert this week and hope that she has encouraging news for me as far as tennis is concerned.
The enbroidery business is going's time to be thinking about the cute Christmas designs on sweatshirts, etc.
Awesome Daughter is still the Interim Director of VistaCare. She has applied for the position and should know something by the end of the month. She has done a magnificant job of juggling all those responsibilities.
It has been 3 1/2 months since surgery. I am much indebted to all the prayers and good wishes that came my way. Thank you very much.

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