Saturday, May 16, 2009

Housebound for the most part.....with pictures from Mom's 70th birthday party (June 2008)

We finally got a definitive diagnosis as to why Mom's legs have been giving out on her and her back has been hurting. Her lumbar spine is all messed up and she will be undergoing a procedure called a Laminectomy with Spinal Fusions. We do not have a surgery date yet, hope to have one the first of next week. Her doctor says that her problems were probably caused by being on her feet for 40 years in the hospital and age does play a part in this problem as well....she will be 71 on June 5.

For now, Mom is pretty much housebound UNLESS she is with someone. For instance, I accompany her to the grocery store now and she is walking with a cane, in fact I take her wherever she wants to go and I do whatever she needs me to do. No tennis for Mom until further notice. We have both canceled all plans (except for me working Monday-Friday). To keep herself busy she is welcoming embroidery projects and alterations, we bought a lap top so that she can we can be mobile with the internet now and of course, she still loves to read.

Mom's attitude about all of this is rather positive....please keep her in your thoughts. As I know will you!

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