Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Ain't Nothin' Like a Home Cooked Country Meal!!!

WOW!!! Double WOW!!! Mom and I were invited out to her friends house this evening for dinner (aka Longtime Friend Brenda). She cooked the most unbelievable meal we have had in as long as we can remember.....
Slow Cooked Roast Beef with rice & gravy, lima beans with chow chow, creamed corn made from scratch, fried okra, fresh sliced tomatoes and cornbread!!! It was SO incredibly yummy!!! I haven't seen Mom eat as much as she did in months, which was a good thing to see since she didn't have much of an appetite yesterday. Ms Brenda is famous for her ability to make homemade country meals and she definately out did herself tonight (she also makes the best fried chicken in the world)!!

So..."Thank you so much Ms Brenda" the meal that we just had with you is gonna get us through to Wenesday morning!! Not that we won't eat again, just that your meal will be on our minds and will put a smile on our faces for a very longtime!!!

We love you!!!

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  1. Yummy....made my mouth water!! Sounds like Mom is feeling a little better! Glad to hear that!! Keep your faith and the strong positive attitude. I am glad Jack is coming in town. I will call you Wednesday evening..I would love to see him! Let me know if you guys need anything...I mean it!! I love you girl!