Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reality is starting to set in......

Tomorrow will bring us even closer to the reality that surgery for Mom is right around the corner. She has an appt with Dr. Walpert at 1:30, after that we go and get her fitted for a back brace, THEN we will head on over to Saint Mary's for her "pre-op" visit at 3pm. It will be a fun filled afternoon and I am sure by the time that we get home Mom will be tuckered out.

I will have more details tomorrow evening on what we find out and of course, I will post the details!!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing today's results! I'm so sorry we can't be there right now for you Momma Jane. As always, the baseball schedule is killing us! We spend more time at the ballpark than we do at home!! I will email Leslie new pictures that she can print for you, and add to the blog. The boys have grown up so much since that picture, especially Keirce! Know that we love you, are praying for you, and thinking lots of good thoughts!
    Terri, Jack, Keirce and Peyton