Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's going to be a great day!!

Just a short post to say that I am looking forward to a great Saturday...having coffee on the deck, the birds are singing and eating while Tiki monitors their behavior. The weather is close to perfect and I am looking forward to an awesome day of relaxation at the pool with friends.

Mom feels "okay" this morning...she is going to have breakfast with her tennis friends at the Waffle House (this is a Sat AM tradition for them)...this will be the last Saturday that she is going to be able to partake in this tradition for quite a while...maybe they will bring Waffle House to her on Saturdays??

I already know as the sun starts to set this evening that I will be "firing" up the grill...a special religion in my life and for all of you that know me well it is pretty much a God given fact that my grill gets lit AT LEAST once a weekend, if not twice!

Oh yeah...stay tuned for some updated pictures of my nephews....Terri (my sister in law) will be sending me some to post for your viewing pleasure.

Also..if you enjoy checking out blogs, please check this one out
This is a great blog that my blogging mentor has been doing about their 9 year old Golden Retriever who was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma...she had the affected leg amputated and is doing really well...there are pictures and videos on this blog as well...feel free to become a follower there too...Brian, Debra and their pack of animals are very close friends of mine!

That's it for now...hope everybody has a great weekend!

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  1. How sweet are you, the Red Dog wants to know? And please be assured that your "mentor" learned everything he knows from her highness, without whom he would be nothing...well, less than nothing really. After all, what more in life could there be than to serve the Red Dog?