Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The 4th day at home was a charm! (1 week post-op)

Today was much better for Mom. She had a more "normal" up after I had left for work, had her coffee with biscotti and read the paper then she and Aunt Judith sat on the deck for almost 45 minutes before Mom was ready for her first nap of the day! She was up after only an hour or so nap and had a "real" lunch!!! Then time to nap again, she was up when I arrived around 2pm with the groceries that I had gone to fetch.

She worked her next nap around me coming home from work. Mom was up when I got home and has just now gone back to her bedroom to read and then go to sleep (it's 8:30pm)! I cooked a dinner of grilled chicken, corn on the cob and spinach salads for dinner and Mom ate with us...her appetite is slowly coming back and oh yeah, she even had a couple of "sippies" tonight too!!!

Mom says she now feels like she has been hit by a 1/2 ton truck instead of a pain meds today!!! I think that we might be over that first BIG hump!!!

Thank you again, Aunt Judith for being here and all of your love, support and encouragement...I would not have been able to get through this first week without you!! You are definately a ROCK star in my book!!

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  1. Keep the recovery curve going UP...... will wait to hear what your "companion status" is; I would /could be there a next week --go ahead and sleep, I'll read ! Leave for mts on the 19th, but will be back the 29th so keep me on the "will come when needed " roster.