Sunday, June 14, 2009

Name Mama Janes Back Brace!!! Part II

Here is Mom modeling the finished product...we think it's just too cute and happy looking, the brace definately has some flair now. The one thing missing is a name...yes, we need a name for the brace, so please post your ideas for a name for it and Mom will choose one after we get several ideas and of course, the winning name will be posted here...hopefully with a picture of you and MJ in her brace!!
Mom is really doing good, looks good, just wishes she was sleeping a little better at night....I told her she needed more mental stimulation and she halfway agreed with me. This morning we went for a walk and when I say we I mean Mom, Sharla, Tiki, myself and Sophie. She walked further this morning than she has yet, we ALMOST went all the way to the mailboxes!!! Her appetite is back as well, we had a yummy dinner of steak and scallops last night with the left overs for lunch today!!
Now that Mom is up and about and actually quite independent for someone who is not allowed to bend over, twist or lift anything heavier than a half gallon of milk she welcomes visitors. I will be working and she will be here alone during the day and will need some human contact to help get her through the next 6 weeks or so. I will only be 4 miles down the road and can come home if she needs something but I am sure she would love to see lots of her friends, all of you that have been so good to us during this adventure.

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  1. Been trying to come up with a name for the backbrace and this is not an easy venture...I think she could call it "Margharitta"....dumb, I know...let me think...I can't think, while I am swimming with this! Glad she is doing well and Margharitta is adorable...great job girls!