Thursday, June 4, 2009

Morning Report 6-4-09

We are back at the hospital with Mom. She is awake, eating breakfast, talking up a storm and has her first visitor of the day...Dr Walter Jarrett (OB/GYN)...he was one of the doctors that she worked with for years delivering babies and she also told him what to do a lot of the time, she will also tell you that she "trained him". Dr Jarrett is a heck of a nice dude and an awesome physician.... alot of my friends go to him, so he is quite the popular guy!

Dr Ritter just came in too...she was impressed with how well Mom is doing...she said that 2mg of Versed hit her like a ton of bricks, suggesting that Mom has a very healthy liver...good to know this tad of trivia since MJ does love her bourbon.

While waiting for Dr Walpert the Charge Nurse, Cami Lewallen came to visit to make sure Mom didn't need anything. Mom also has two nurses today..Joanne and Stephanie....Joanne is a new grad but we never would have known it as she is very composed and on top of everything.
Mom has a JP drain...for you non-medical folks that means she has a little drain coming from her incision site, which by the way is about 7 inches long, no stitches, no staples, just put together by some fancy new glue stuff that will slowly dissolve away. (Mom wants me to take a picture of it, so stay tuned for that!) There is a good amount of drainage coming out into the JP, she will have this drain until it slows to a minimum inside of a full 12 hour shift.

I have 2 of my CNA's that I supervise coming today to take care of cleaning Mom up and making her all fresh...they will be here later today when they finish their other patients.

Sister Bernadette came to visit, brought Mom a new rosary and informed us that there are now 20 stations to the rosary instead of the 15 that we Catholic's grew up with.

Okay..Dr Walpert just came to visit. She says that Mom is on track, and we are going to look at slowly transitioning from the IV Morphine to Percocet. Mom will be walking the halls today accompanied by physical therapy. Dr Walpert warned her that she will be MORE sore this afternoon and reminded her again that her surgery was a HUGE surgery.

Well folks, thats about it for now, the posts will not come back to back today as they did yesterday...probably won't make another entry until this evening.

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts and prayers.


  1. Way to go "Team Kimbel" !!! keep up the good work:)

  2. Wonderful news--so glad all is going as planned. You know nurses are notorious for not getting it right the first time when they are on the recieving end. So behave Janie and follow orders!!!

    I will try to see you over the weekend. I'm available for help if you need it before Judy arrives.


  3. I am so relieved to hear all this. Apparently nurses do know how to receive medical help, as well as give it. Sounds as if this is going to go on record as an especially successful operation. Way to go, team Kimbel!