Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OR update #2

Before the 2nd phone call came we were visited by Dr Linda Ritter, the anestheisologist that slept Mom...she had to leave as she had plans this evening and since the case didn't start until late Dr Santoro took over...he was the guy that we met with last Thursday during pre-op. Dr Ritter said Mom was doing good but that we are going to have a very long wait.

#2 Update just came from the OR. Mom's incision was made at 2:44, so they have been at it for about an hour...Kathy (one of the OR nurse's) said that it will most likely be 7pm or after before they are done, then we will have recovery time after that. Whew...does anybody know if Catholic Hospitals have a bar any where in them????

Mom's tennis buddy Carol came by to see what was going on AND Ms. Brenda is here now and she brought Jack and I Arby's to was many hours ago when we had that egg mcmuffin for breakfast.

Continue to stay tuned....

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  1. I can always pack you an indescreet are gonna need a hefty nightcap after this..hang in there...sounds like they are really keeping you guys updated.