Monday, June 8, 2009

Second full day at home.....

This was only the 2nd full day that Mom has been home...all of the events of the past few days finally caught up with her and she slept most of the day (but we all know that the body needs sleep to heal). Mom was just getting up "again" when I got home from a full day at work and has been up since....she even spent some time on the deck with me, Aunt Judith and the kids. Like I have said many times before, this is going to be a very long, slow process BUT a high five for all the tingles and pain she was feeling before the surgery are GONE!!!

I have been writing so much about the awesome Aunt Judith that I felt like I needed to post an up to date picture of that is who you are looking at....the aunt that could actually be my sister and we have often been mistaken for being mother and daughter. While Mom was sleeping the day away, Aunt Judith and Sophie formed their relationship (Tiki was at daycare). Of course, Tiki had to be in the picture that I took of her with just gotta love it!
Mom and I are sitting watching our soap opera and Auntie is in the den watching the news...almost time for dinner. Hope everyone is doing good!!!

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  1. Sophie looks like a centerfold kitten! The Bone Growth THingie looks like a computer gaming wheel! Maybe when Mama Jane feels better she can morph into a Mage! *phew** Phew** Send shock waves thru her fingers!