Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dr Walpert has spoken

Dr Walpert just came to visit...she said everything went really well, Mom stayed stable as a rock the entire time. She found exactly what she thought she would from the MRI films, did lots of cleaning out and putting back together. Mom has a Morphine PCA pump to help keep her comfortable...for you medical folks I don't know if there is a basal rate on it or not. Dr Walpert says that the stay in the hospital will only be 2-4 days and that they will take the cues from Mom for her length of stay. Dr Walpert wants her to be eating well, peeing, walking and controlling her pain with pills vs IV meds before she goes first thought when she said possibly 2 days...oh, no...Aunt Judith isn't coming until Sunday!! I feel sure that I will get lots of offers to come and help me until Aunt Judith gets here OR maybe I won't need help at is what I like to call the "unknown".....will post again after Jack and I have seen Mom and get out of here....and head for the nearest bar.


  1. Not always a basal~~ usual settings are :
    1 mg/6min/30/With a 4 hr lock- out so as not to OD if "helpful" family start pushing! (like when the pt's asleep!) Glad it's sorta over... now for the long haul!!

  2. WooHoo momma Jane! Leslie let her know that Ronny and I send our love. This is really good news!

  3. God answered our prayers!! We love you Mama Jane! Can't wait to see you after you get some rest and are feeling better!! We want you to know we are here for you and Les for the "ride" ahead. Hugs and kisses from the Rizzi/Thurston's...Julie, Vince, Troy, Cole and Dominic