Thursday, June 4, 2009

Evening Post 6-4-09

This is Moms incision, that is Jacks hand beside it to give you a good idea of how long the incision actually is and yes, my brother has a crooked pinky finger left over from his days of playing football for Oconee County High School.

We are now 24 hours post-op and Mom is doing was a busy day in room 7026 at Saint Mary's Hospital! Lots of visitors, lots of flower deliveries, lots of phone calls all wishing Mom a speedy healthy recovery...everything was SO appreciated by Mom, myself and Jack.

Jack and I stayed with Mom until her "personal" assistants arrived to get her cleaned up. At that point we left and came on back to the house where Jack got his stuff together and headed home to Franklin, TN. I have to take a moment at this point and give a formal shout out, thank you, I love you, etc, etc to Jack for being here with me...we were able to have some great one on one brother/sister time and it was beyond comforting to have him present during the long, long day that we had yesterday. Jack and I may go months and months without seeing one another but when we do manage some time together it's like all those months not seeing one another never existed. Jack, you are an awesome brother, husband, Dad and I wish that everyone could be as lucky as me to have a brother like you.
After Jack got off and I spent a little time with my 4-legged kids, I headed back to the hospital.
When I walked in the room, there sat my boss with great is it to have a boss that goes to visit your parent in the hospital...that is some real true honest support, if you ask me!
Mom was sitting up in the chair with her back brace on and had been out walking in the hallway with physical therapy and the assist of a walker. She is no longer receiving IV pain medication (unless she happens to need some break through meds)...the Percocet is holding her rather well for the time being. Speaking of pain...all the pain that she was feeling "before" the surgery is basically gone, the pain she is experiencing now is the incisional pain (see the picture for how long the incision is). Her JP drain is still producing a good amount, it wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't end up coming home with it. The foley catheter is going to come out in the morning.

If you are thinking of coming to visit her tomorrow please check with me first 404-218-4774. Mom really needs her rest and there will be plenty of time for social visits when she gets home...remember...we have a VERY long recovery period in front of us and she will welcome visitors at home. And if you do come to visit, please make your visit short...Mom is euphoric because that nasty pain she has been living with for so long is gone, but we all know that she has to do the right thing to have a "successful" recovery!

I am home for the night, Mom is being tucked in by her night nurse as I type this. I will be back at the hospital with her by 7am tomorrow morning for Dr Walperts rounds (and oh yeah, Mom requested that I bring her a Starbucks coffee, so of course I will). I will do another post after we see Dr Walpert in the morning.

Again...thank you all so much for everything!!!! We couldn't be going through this with out the support of all our friends and family! And for those of you that do not know...tomorrow (June 5) is super woman's 71st birthday!!!!


  1. Right back at you sis! I'm beyond lucky and fortunate to have you as a sister, much less there to take care of Mom. I know your life will be beyond crazy for the next few months, but something tells me you really wouldn't have it any other way-who could take better care of a hard charger than another one? It's going to be a long road, but making it over that first big hill was HUGE. Love from Jack, Terri, Keirce, Peyton & Layla

  2. WOW not bad for a fresh incision! It'll heal nicely~~ thin & clear! No touchy!! DOn't want a nasty infection !

  3. Steph...that is what good ole Chinese Cream is for!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Janie,

    Hope you have a good day. I will hold off on my visits until you get home. Rest in a hospital????--give me a break.

    Take care-thinking of you--
    Love and hugs to you and Les