Sunday, June 7, 2009

The First Night back at home

Mom's first night back at home went well....she loved being back in her own bed and it is much easier for her to get up and down with the way that her bed is so high (yes, she has steps to help).

Dinner was awesome, it was great having Aunt Bobbi here with us (thank you for all of your help yesterday/last night).

Her pain is under control, as I type this she is sitting at the table having her coffee and reading the newspaper...just like it's a regular Sunday morning!

It's a beautiful day here in Athens, Georgia...I will spend it going to fetch Auntie Judith from the airport...I have made a sign to display while standing at the top of the escalator waiting for her to appear....I want her to feel as important as she truly is!!!

A shout out to Ms Brenda for coming to hang with Mom while I go to the airport...I know that you and Mom will have a nice afternoon!

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