Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No humidity = Nice evening on the deck

It's Tuesday, June 23rd...tomorrow marks Mom being 3 weeks post op. The humidity left us today and we took advantage of the nice evening and sat on the deck with a couple of cocktails and the 4 legged kids.

Mom is doing great, starting to get really antsy which is going to make the next 5 weeks really hard for her. We have an appointment to see Dr Walpert on Thursday...perhaps Mom will be doing good enough that she might give her a tad of her freedom back...stay tuned for those results.

I did do a blood draw on Mom today as we were both curious about what her hemoglobin was doing....it is up to 10.0 which is still 2 whole points away from normal but we feel that is okay and it will be normal in due time.

So...keep those visits and phone calls coming....Mom will definately benefit from extra activities over the next 5 weeks!

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