Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First OR Update

3pm...the nurse just called from the OR, things have just gotten under way but she says Mom is doing great, said she was SO sleepy that she probably won't remember a thing. Kathy said that she would be calling on the hour with far, so good!

WOW...the VP of Nursing here at Saints just came to check on Jack and I...impressive!

We do know that Mom's room number will be 7026 IF she doesn't go to the Neuro ICU.

Thanks again for all the positive thoughts!


  1. Les & Jack,
    Glad that things are underway and she is doing good. Thinking of you all. Love Ya!
    Garnett & Steve

  2. Keep good thoughts! Everything will be fine just a long wait! Mom will be soo happy to see you!

  3. I just got home and unpacked...glad things are sister Cristy works at St. Mary's and is a great hospital...wish it took my insurance..keep us posted here on the blog..what an awesome idea you had to set this up. I will text you after Bible study to see where you guys will be around 8. Love you girl and keep tha positive attitude! God is good!