Monday, June 1, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine.....

Gotta love the 4-legged grandkids...Sophie is praying for Mama Jane in one picture and then in the other she has the look of saying....."You better think good think good thoughts about my Grandma cause she has the BEST lap in the world"! On the other hand...there is Tiki...just wanting to act silly with the new parrot that I got her this past weekend...she named him "Big Red". She is looking forward to showing "Big Red" off to her Aunt Sharla when she comes to town!! Aunt Sharla and Tiki have their "special" games that they play and Tiki just loves it!!

Thanks to Julie for the pre-op visit tonight....Mom really enjoyed it!!! You, Vince and your family are very special to us!!!


  1. Since these are my first experiences with bloggin, I am so impressed "Awesome Daughter"
    Competency is inherited, I would guess, so Jane--try to keep it going.

  2. "awesome daugther" of an AWESOME woman
    This is my first experience with blogging. You are obviously a competent pair! Thanks for thinking of this. Hope this is sent (about my 5th attempt--)
    not so competent friend
    Bette McN
    Prayers are going out from the Episcopalian side of Athens

  3. Awesome daughter here...I apologize for not making the words of this particular post sit just right...but I am sure you get the jest of it!

  4. Only good thoughts and prayers from us!!! We love you-Kathy, JC, kate and Hunter

  5. Hey Les, just wanted you and Mama Jane to know that we are thinking of you today.(Jack too.) I will keep intouch tru your updates today. I want to send some flowers when she gets to a regular room. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Love Ya!

    - Garnett