Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are waiting and waiting and waiting

Well..we arrived on time here at Saint Mary's this morning (9am)...after only being here a short time (long enough for Mom to get changed into a hospital gown, put on her TED hose on, and have her IV started) we were told that we will have yet "another" wait. It seems that Dr Walpert is helping another physician with an emergency surgery (broken back). We are now looking at 1pm or after for surgery to begin.

To occupy our time Jack is doing some work thru his blackberry, Mom is reading her book and it is obvious what I am doing.

We have already had several visitors in pre-op this morning...Mitch Thomas, Brenda Barrett and Micki Maffett, thank you to all of you for checking in on us. Also..thank you for all the phone calls and text messages already this morning...Julie, Beth, and Carol!

Jack and I think that once Mom goes to surgery we are going to "camp out" in the cafeteria as he has his laptop with him too and there will be plenty of room for those that want to come and visit.

Because of the delay it will be well into the evening before we will get to see Mom. IF she goes back at 1pm we are looking at surgery not being over until about 6pm....I am sure this helps you get the picture of how LONG this day is going to be!

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