Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally, the patient

Good morning to all. I couldn't sleep this am so decided to get up and get stuff ready for my hospital stay. Sophie is keeping me company but everyone else is snoozing. Would love a cup of coffee but of course that's a No No today. I wish the surgery had stayed at the origional time as things would already be underway. I will thank everyone ahead of time for their prayers and visits as I figure I will spend the next couple of days sedated. Please disregard anything I may tell you during this time as Les tells me I can come up with some weird stuff.
Last night was great to take my mind off today, plus it's so good to see Les and Jack together, they are quite a team.
That's all for now at least from me...I'll be back soon to comment on hospital stay etc. We nurses are not the best patients in the world and really keep an eye on things.
Many thanks for all your prayers (we've got all denominations covered), good wishes and support .


  1. Sounds like Mom was ready...made me get tears in my eyes when she talked about seeing you and Jack and I are blessed have siblings that love each other and to have a Mom that instilled that love in us! Stay tuff today to you when I get home!

  2. Praying right now that the operating room is filled with healing angels and the healing light of the Divine. Also, that every move and every thought by the surgeons and assistants are guided by God. I pray that Mama Jane is wrapped in a blanket of love so soft and so strong that her recovery time is miraculously shortened and as pain free as possible. I also pray for strength and peace of mind for Leslie and Jack as they see their mother through this challenge. God is good, and He will take care of every detail.

    Peace, Love and Light - I will see you guys soon.