Saturday, June 20, 2009

Headed to a Social Event

The above picture was taken just as Mom was getting ready to leave with Ms Brenda for Greg and Summer Hudsons outdoor casual Wedding Reception at Aunt Bobbis house (Aunt Bobbi is Gregs Mom). They are there now and I sure do hope they are having a good time despite the heat outside!!!
I think that Mom looks great!!! This surgery has made her look 10 years younger...amazing things happen when all the pain goes away that one has been experiencing for a really long time! If you ask me, it is amazing for someone that is 71 years old!!! WOW!!! It was 2 weeks ago this afternoon that we brought Mom home from the hospital!!!
Mom also had a great time getting to go to breakfast with her tennis buddies this morning, she said it was really good to see all of them!
Hope that everyone is holding up in this heat okay and having a great weekend!

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