Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning 6-13-09

It's a beautiful morning here in I sit here to type this I am on the deck with Tiki and all the birds that come to enjoy our feeders. Mom is at the table reading the newspaper and having her coffee....she is doing amazingly well!! Yesterday she was up most of the day with just a couple of little "twilight" naps here and there. She is getting around like a road runner...walked 1/2 way to the mailboxes yesterday and has not taken any pain medicine!!

I took a 1/2 day off work yesterday was fortunate enough to enjoy 3 hours or so at the pool with my friend Cindy that just lives down the hill from was the thunder and lightning that came up on us that chased us home and I will say that it chased us rather "quickly"!

Last night was our last evening with Aunt Judith, she flies home today to Louisville. We celebrated her last night here with burgers from the grill and cocktails. It has been so awesome having her here and like I have said before, I could not have gotten through this week like I did without her!! We are hoping that when she returns she and Mom will be hitting the tennis courts. I love you Aunt Judith!!

Sharla got here around 6 last always, it is great to have her here. She will be staying here at 260 with Mom while I chaffeur Aunt Judith to the airport this morning. Once I return I am sure that we will spend the rest of the weekend doing what we do best..."Hangin' Out".

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