Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tomorrow is ALREADY getting longer....

Well...Mom got the first call to change her time of arrival at Saint Mary's at 9:15 this morning to be there at 7:30 instead of 6:30...which would have pushed the surgery to 9:00am. The second call from Saint Mary's came at 1:45pm with the newest arrival time now being 9:00am which we think will push the beginning of surgery to around 10:30am. It is now 7pm so we don't think they will call and change it again unless they call us in the morning...we are seriously hoping that they don't. If surgery starts around 10:30, we probably can't expect to see Mom until the very late afternoon or early evening. I will be updating the blog as we get news from the OR or from the recovery room!
Mom is doing REALLY well tonight. She took her pain medicine today like she should be taking it...Jack arrived at 4pm when we were initially expecting him around 6pm (a VERY nice surprise for Mom).
I worked till a tad past noon...brought lunch home for Mom and I, then we changed the sheets on her bed so that she will have "fresh" sheets when she comes home from the hospital. Then I took off "again" to take care of some "me" things so I wouldn't have to worry about them for the next 3 weeks...when I got home, I am home to stay until tomorrow morning.
With Jack and I being here together we definately have to "light the grill" and the cuisine for the evening is going to be black angus burgers. It is so good to have my brother here...we will wander together tomorrow, for hours and hours.
Thanks again to everyone for your good thoughts, prayers and positive thoughts. Someone told me today that if you worry about stuff, you are praying for the "wrong" thing to happen, SO..nothing but positive thoughts coming from 260 Mallard Pointe Way!!
A special "thank you" to our friend Kathy Callahan for taking the above pictures, just this evening!!!

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  1. Love to all of you! I will be thinking about MJ tomorrow and looking forward to the updates on everything.

    I'll be there soon Tiki to play our special version of Olympic games!!