Monday, June 1, 2009

Less than 48 hours to go....

Well, the "less than 48 hours to go" the countdown is truly on. It seems that all Mom and I can do in the evening is sit here at the table, have a few cocktails and doesn't even sound real good to either one of us but she is going to eat her left over Filet from this past Saturday night (we want that hemoglobin as high as we can get it).

After a very productive day at work I visited one of my new most favorite stores...Nature's Outppost where I purchased "another" squirrel proof bird feeder and 2 more iron hooks...we now have 2 bird feeders and a humming bird feeder hanging off the edge of the deck. Watching the birds are fascinating and I want there to be plenty around when Mom comes home from the hospital!!! (See picture above for the bird feeder display)

I worked a full day today and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will only be working until noon....after that I am "checking out" until further notice. Again, thank you to my awesome boss, Gail Hutchins and all my wonderful co-workers for being so understanding and supportive!!!

Mom and I are looking forward to brother Jack arriving tomorrow evening, we just wish it was for a different reason!!

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  1. Deck lookin' good! Hope mamma Jane's not too nervous about the Big Day!! Your both in good hands!