Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Mom has finally gone to the OR. She went back about 20 minutes ago. There were still some things that needed to be done to her before the procedure would start, but at least we are rockin' and rollin' now.

Jack and I have planted ourselves in the Surgical Waiting Room on the 2nd floor for the duration. After seeing it, we decided to take full advantage of it as opposed to camping out in the cafeteria....very plush accomodations here at Saint Mary's Hospital!!!

We just saw Dr Walpert, she informed us that the nurses will call us in here every 45 minutes to an hour with updates as to how things are going...I will post ALL updates as they come to us. She also said that we could be looking upwards of 6pm or after before they are done and she is in recovery.

Thank you to Shelly for the yummy Starbuck's and thank you to Carol for the goodie bag of Spiritual Sustenance!!!

Stay tuned....

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