Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Great time with a Great Friend!

Tonight Mom and I had a great time with Donna Williams, a friend of mine that I met some 17 years ago. She came over with dinner already prepped and we had an awesome meal of pork loin shis-ka-bobs complete with a spinach salad. The weather was nice enough for us to enjoy our meal on the deck tonight!!!
Mom is doing great!!! As you can see from the above picture, we all think she looks 10 years younger compared to how she looked before surgery!!!
Mom is wearing her brace faithfully and looking very forward to when she can start coming out of it a month from now! I don't have a lot of stuff to report other than we are once again enjoying life here at 260 Mallard Pointe Way and it is my feeling that once Mom completely recovers we all better "watch out"...I am thinking I might have to put a GPS on her....she is going to be hard to stop and that is okay...she deserves it and I like I said in an earlier post that I can only hope that I have her drive and determination at 71 years old.
We hope that everyone has an awesome 4th of July!! We are looking forward to Sharlas visit as she is scheduled to come into town Thursday evening. I am off work until Monday and plan on spending a lot of my time between here, the pool and the deck. God has given me an awesome consolation prize for not being able to go to the beach by taking away the humidity and we are loving it here at 260 as it makes for awesome evenings on our deck, a sanctuary that I worked very hard to create!!

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