Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giving out of steam....

With the above title, I am talking about just hit me this morning when I was attempting to get ready for work. My ever so supporting boss told me to take the day to rest (thank you Gail), so I did and am ready for what already promises to be a very busy day at work tomorrow!

Mom is doing great, loving having visitors. Yesterday Ms Brenda brought lunch over and they enjoyed a nice visit. Last evening Susan Houser (office manager at the MD office of physicians Mom worked closely with her entire career) brought us a yummy dinner from DePalma's (our favorite Italian Restaurant here in Athens) besides dropping off food, we had a nice visit with Susan as well.

Today one of Moms tennis buddies (Vicki Green) came to visit her and brought her a gorgeous hanging basket...I currently have it sitting out where it can get some of the rain that we are having right now.

The weather forecast for tomorrow and the weekend is telling us it is going to be 100 degrees, I am thinking that is even too hot to walk to the mailbox, Mom and I just might have a movie marathon! I do have to go and help a co-worker Saturday AM with a blood pressure clinic at an assisted living facility AND Mom has her first two outings since the surgery planned...breakfast at the Waffle House with her tennis buddies and a wedding reception, all on Saturday!!! Thank you so much to Ms Anne and Ms Brenda for coming to pick her up for these events!

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  1. Don't walk to the mailbox!! Dad did & tried watering the tomato plants & about passed out from the heat! His old body doesn't regulate heat/cold very well anymore!