Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 5 at home

The human body is amazing. Mom is doing really great....the fog has lifted. The latent effects from the anesthesia and Morphine have left her body and she is on her way to becoming better than ever! She is taking shorter naps, staying awake longer at any given time, her appetitie is returning along with her awesome sense of humor! It was actually rather amazing watching her while her brain came back to life!!!

Today was her best day yet...she said so herself...she told me that she was amazed at how good she felt. Mom and Aunt Judith went for a little walk this the end of the driveway and up the cul-de-sac a bit...the incline of the cul-de-sac got to Mom but that just tells us that she isn't ready for that yet.

We are currently making adjustments necessary for Mom to be as independent as she can that I mean making it so she doesn't have to bend over to get whatever it is that she may want throughout the day...but I am also only 4 miles away at the office if she should need me for something.

Sharla, my bestfriend comes into town tomorrow evening...Mom and I both are looking forward to having her with us until Monday. Aunt Judith heads back to Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, so no...she isn't staying any longer....BUT, she wants to return in a few weeks and hopefully Sharla and I can make that happen for her!!!

Tomorrow is Friday at 260 Mallard Pointe Way....if you are out and about, please come by and see MJ and meet Aunt Judith...Mom will be up and having cocktails with us... but bedtime comes much earlier for her these days....UNTIL further notice.

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