Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr Walperts Afternoon Visit 6-5-09

We finally saw Dr Walpert this afternoon around 2:30.....all the news is great. She didn't think that Mom needed a transfusion, just gonna let her regenerate on her own. She was "shocked" when she heard that Mom had graduated from physical therapy today!!! We talked a lot about the do's and dont's of her home recovery....Mom is going to be a real true lady of leisure for the next couple of months!! Dr Walpert gave Mom her blessing to come home tomorrow if Mom wants to come home or she can stay until Sunday. Of course, I am leaving that decision completely up to Mom. If she decides to come home tomorrow I am looking for some help to make that happen for her.

I left Mom to nap after Dr Walperts visit, I even put the "No Visitors" sign up so she could at least rest for a little while because I know she is going to have a little bit of excitement this evening. I am meeting a small group of my friends in the lobby at Saint Marys and we are going to celebrate Mom's birthday with her for a short while....balloons and presents AND Dr Walpert told me she could have a birthday cocktail!!!! I just want her to know that just because she just had a HUGE surgery that we haven't forgotten that it's her birthday. So, stay tuned because I will have my camera with me and will make another post later on tonight.

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  1. Happy Saturday to my favorite patient!! Sounds like I missed the big event last night but I know that group took good care of you...that crowd knows how to party!!

    I am in a Jacksonville hotel room right now with thunderclouds and rain all around. Hope to get out this afternoon and see the ocean.

    Have a great day Mama Jane...see you soon.
    Love ya